“Oh no he didn’t”

Posted: May 20, 2010 in The Ultimate Fighter

Raise your hand if you thought that Nick “The Lisp” Ring was going to stay and fight his quarterfinal match against McGee?  For those of you who raised your hand, take your other hand and smack your face with it.  After hearing the news from the Dr. that a 3rd ACL surgery was imminent, but that he could fight if he wanted, The Lisp did a fantastic job at acting like he was in the throes of a moral dilemma.  Cut to 5 minutes later, talking to the GodFather (aka Dana) The Lisp was emphatic that indeed he was done and that he didn’t have a choice, in spite of Dana’s insistence that he was the favorite to win it all.  What do you think loyal readers?  What would you have done?  Sure, he could have exacerbated his injury if he chose to fight again, but to what end?  Was it enough for him to walk away from a multi-year contract with the biggest MMA company in the world?  Or was he smart to walk away because he knew he couldn’t continue at 100%? 

Anyway, on to the fights!  First up, we have the “play-in” fight.  Two Team Punishment guys going head-to-head: McCray vs. Uscola.  Anyone that saw McCray’s first fight a few weeks back probably didn’t give him a shot.  The guy looked gassed walking to the Octogon from Chriss Sakes.  Ironically it was Uscola that made excuses for him, blaming Tito for over-training.  To his credit though, McCray showed marked improvement and took it to the new father from the bell, finally ending it with a slick americana near the end of round 2.  What happened Casey?  Before the fight you’re saying that the birth of your son was the extra motivator for you to win the whole thing, and not a minute after Dana’s BFF Steve Mazzigatti raised McCray’s hand, you’re saying that your mind was distracted.  I for one was a bit ticked that Kasey couldn’t eck out a W, as a match-up with fellow house antagonist, Yager, would have been an epic beating by the latter.  Oh well.

TUF treated its fans with another fight, and another one-sided W.  This time by the hands of one Court McGee, the inevitable successor to Bas Rutten’s moniker, El Guapo!  He was supposed to square off against The Lisp for part 2 of McGee v. Ring, but alas, it was not to be (future PPV?).  Instead, our man Hammertree stepped up, quite literally, and took the fight.  What do you think my fellow Vigilantes?  Was running after White, albeit effective, a solid move?  Who do you think would have garnered the fight if hadn’t done that?  Alas, what great TV acting came of it.  Soon after hearing his fate, Henle, in a not so original move, chased after The Godfather himself and pleaded his case, but to no avail.  Henle, if you’re reading this blog, as I’m sure you do in between sips of green tea while doing yoga simultaneously, take solace in the fact that you weren’t going to win anyway.  Not a chance.

Alright, back to the fight.  Another solid fight from McGee.  I thought he really stepped up and showed his wide array of skills.  Nice boxing and takedowns in round one, and a sweet, and rare, standing guillotine in round 2 to put it away.  I don’t think Hammertree did much, but according to everyone’s favorite heel Tito, he won round 1?!

Good episode overall!  I know you guys most be pumped up about Undisputed2010, especially after Forrest’s impromptu commercial, oops, I mean visit to play the game with the TUF cast.  Regardless of the shameless promotion, the game looks about as realistic as it gets.  I for one cannot wait to play my fellow blogger Steven this following Tuesday.

Fare well my Vigilantes.

The FreshMaker

  1. S-Eggs says:

    Nice re-cap. I was impressed with Court, and I can see him as a decent welterweight actually. I hope he wins another one. Henle seems like all talk. Hammer’s molestation of Dana in the parking lot was a nice move, but the SAME move 10 minutes later = not cool. Why are we making fun of Nick Ring anyway??? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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