What type of bear is best?

Posted: May 20, 2010 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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…black bear.  False Halpert, it’s Carwin. 

My fellow blogger Steve and I share many common interests.  Obviously MMA is one of them.  And drawing.  Where we differ however is who we see winning the epic battle between the current UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar

and Shane Carwin, the Interim Heavyweight Champ.  As you have most assuredly gathered, I think Carwin will be walking away with the unified belt.

It should be stated that around these parts, Minnesota that is, where Lesnar is considered a Norseman demigod, that I’m in the vast minority with my call.  And before you call me out for not being a “true” Minnesotan, I beg of you to hear me out.

Without further adieu, here are my 3 reasons why Lesnar will LOSE come July 3rd.

Reason 1: Ring rust.  As you know, Brock was MIA from the MMA scene for the most part of 2009 due to back-to-back ailments; mono and then diverticulitis, the latter being the more serious of the two.  Thankfully, Brock fully recovered,  and was back training in Alexandria, Minnesota by November.  But a year-long layoff, the last time he fought was UFC 100, will be tough to overcome, especially considering his relative inexperience in MMA.

Reason 2: Carwin’s stand-up and Lesnar’s chin.  Alright, this is purely theoretical, as we haven’t really seen Brock get tested standing up, but we do know that Carwin carries massive power in both fists and that Lesnar hasn’t fought a stand-up guy like Carwin before.  Look at who Brock has fought thus far in the UFC: Mir, Herring, Couture, then Mir again.  Not to take anything away from the aforementioned fighters, but none of them are known for their knockout power.  How will Lesnar fare against someone who is most comfortable standing, as opposed to those grapplers mentioned above, who play into Lesnar’s strong suit?  Would it be fair to say that Lesnar had such great success in taking down his opponents because he didn’t have to worry about getting hit while attempting a take-down?  I think so.  Having a multi-dimensional fighter like Carwin to contend with will be taxing on the champ to say the least.

Reason 3: Mental.  Yogi Berra was famously quoted as saying “Baseball is 90% mental and the other half is physical.”  Don’t bother with the math there, but know this, fighting is a mental game, and having the year that Lesnar had, had to be mentally draining.  After almost dying, and not fighting for a year, has to put some doubt in your mind, even if your Lesnar.  And what about Lesnar’s aura of invincibility?  A mountain of a man with no peers.  Surely seeing Lesnar vulnerable, even though it wasn’t in the octagon, has to give Carwin more confidence.

So there you have it.  You heard it here first my friends.  Am I crazy?  Or is picking an undefeated brick-house like Carwin not foolish afterall?

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