Meet Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. An Exclusive Q&A.

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Interviews, The Ultimate Fighter

Meet Jean-Charles Skarbowsky.  A world champion Muay Thai kick fighter and TUF assistant coach for UFC welterweight champ GSP.  The last time you probably saw Muay Thai assassin Jean-Charles, he was tossing around members from Team GSP like they were 1st graders.  Read our exclusive interview to find out which fighters impressed him the most in the TUF house, whether or not his “partying” lifestyle way played up or not, and how he thinks “funny looking” Koscheck will fair against his friend GSP in their re-match.  A truly memorable interview…    

VigilanteMMA:  You have quite the impressive Muay Thai record (4x European champ, a world champ from 2000-2005, winner of A-1) yet most Americans didn’t know about you until your appearance on The Ultimate Fighter.  What was your overall experience like on the show?  How long were you there coaching?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  I enjoyed it a lot.  Thanks to GSP I got to live the American dream.  I was in Las Vegas for 10 days.

VigilanteMMA:  You came in as a coach for Team GSP.  How did you two become friends?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  My friend and student PHILIPPE ALLAIRE, a Canadian champ in MT introduced us.

VigilanteMMA:  What did you think of Coach Koscheck?  Any predictions for his fight with GSP this December?

Jean-Charles Skarbowky:  He looks funny.  GSP (will) win for sure…again.

VigilanteMMA:  What did you think of the TUF 12 guys?  What fighter stood out to you?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  Very nice kids, I love them.  Cody and Bruce LeeRoy were the best for me in stand up because they were not scared…

VigilanteMMA:  From GSP’s comments, and from select scenes from the show, a lot was made of your social drinking/smoking.  Was this an accurate portrayal or was it exaggerated for TV?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  I never drink before training, I’d throw up… I was just having a margarita at Rehab’s and, in a hurry I took it to the show with me, that’s all…And as a trainer, I would never give anyone the advice to do it.  The training is the most important…And as a real French I appreciate a glass of wine while eating.

VigilanteMMA:  Kyle Watson from Team GSP wrote on his blog that you sparred very hard the first day and hurt a few guys in the process.  Is sparring different in America than in Thailand?  Are you used to tougher sparring?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  I assure you I was as soft as possible, and when I first kicked a TUF-er, I was scarred to hurt them because they never really received a muay thai kick in their lives.  And there were no accident(s)…It means I control everything in the sparring session…

VigilanteMMA:  You retired from kick boxing in 2006.  If you had to do it all over again, would you have tried fighting in MMA?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  No.

VigilanteMMA:  You’ve trained and fought in Thailand extensively.  How did someone of French origin end up in Thailand?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky: Wonderful experience.

VigilanteMMA:  What can you share with us about the fighting culture in Thailand?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  LIFE’S A FIGHT…

VigilanteMMA:  What are you doing with your time now?  Would you ever consider fighting again?  It looks like you’d certainly do quite well!

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  I’m a teacher in Paris.  I’m a new man…

VigilanteMMA:  Lastly, any “shout-outs” you want to give out to your sponsors, fans?

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky: Thank you so much for your support!

VigilanteMMA:  Thank you Mr. Skarbowsky for your time and willingness to answer my questions.  I wish you nothing but the best of luck in the future.

Jean-Charles Skarbowsky:  You’re welcome.

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