Chuck Wolfe, you sir are a complete and utter moron. Judge says judges shouldn’t be trusted?!

Posted: April 20, 2011 in Commentary/Opinion, WTF!?

For those of you that don’t know Chuck Wolfe, know this, he’s a self-delusional douche that’s trying to destroy the legitimacy of MMA. Too harsh? Read this. It’s an article from MMAFighting, where douche in question Chuck Wolfe “defends” his atrocious 30-27 scorecard in the Warren vs. Galvao fight.

Look, you can’t really argue against rounds 1 and 3, especially 3, but to score round 2 for Warren is just plain stupid.  It’s Nam Phan vs. Leonard Garcia stupid.  And instead of saying, “Look, I fucked up” he decided to defend himself with an endless stream of BS that would leave any ardent supporter of MMA judges sick to their stomach.  And what’s worse, Chucky deflected the blame to the fighter himself.  In this case Marcos Galvao.  You see, it’s Marcos’ fault that he lost.  Why?  Ask Chucky:

“He had three rounds to take Warren out if he really wanted to beat him — he had three rounds to dominate Warren, as well as Warren had three rounds to dominate him…It’s up to the fighter. … Don’t leave it in the hands of the judges, especially when it’s a close fight.”

This guy’s seen Dana White’s cookie cutter opening TUF speech one too many times.  Seriously, an MMA judge is saying this?  If that’s the case, why have judges at all?  Why the hell are you even there?  To get a tan? Catch up on email? Facebook?  What does he mean “it’s up to the fighter…don’t leave it in the hands of the judges?”  Are you saying that you’re so incompetent that you aren’t to be trusted with your job? One minute he’s justifying his abilities by saying he’s judged over 600 fights and the next minute he’s basically saying, if you want to win, do it yourself because we have no idea what we’re doing. What a complete and utter fuck stick.  Chucky is so stupid he doesn’t know that in defending himself he’s dismissing his whole profession.

The bottom line is, fights are sometimes going to go to a judge’s decision, whether people like it or not, and the fighters and fans deserve to have competent people in place to determine the winner. It’s not rocket science. These guys train months on end and to have their hard work be negated by some nitwit isn’t fair. 

Chucky, go back to flipping burgers my boy.  You don’t belong in this sport.

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  3. steve halstead says:

    Really?…bottom line is Chuck called the fight correctly. I am not going into detail in regards to defending Chuck but I’m sure he would welcome your opinon face to face like a man….jeeesh! get a fucking grip, chuck wolfe is one of the most honerable and honest people you will ever find. Not to mention the dude is a total badass and would have dominated this sport if he chose to in the the late 80’s early 90’s

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