Chael Sonnen is 240 pounds of muscle–not fat, really…he’s NOT fat

Posted: November 29, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors
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The first thing most people thought of when they announced that Jon Jones’ next challenger would be Chael Sonnen was “Sonnen’s too small to fight Jones!” Well, actually that wasn’t the FIRST thing people thought of. In truth, here’s a list of things people thought of before the issue of Sonnen’s weight…

  • Jones is gonna kill that poor bastard.
  • What about Dan Henderson?
  • This season of TUF is going to be Chaeltastic!
  • That guy talked his way into another title fight?!?

But other than those thoughts, the first thing you thought about was that Sonnen would be too small to handle Jones, right? Apparently, MMA diet guru Mike Dolce is saying Sonnen is huge already. In fact he’s saying that Sonnen weighs 240 pounds and is “ripped.” Dolce confirmed it on Twitter, so it must be true.

Considering that the fight is several months away, and we have to go through an entire season of Ultimate Fighter first, I’m wondering why Sonnen weighs 240 now? I remember watching old school pro wrestling back in the day. Nearly every time a wrestler would take a leave of absence—injury, rehab, jail, etc—they would come back fatter and softer.

Instead of lending credence to that fact, the shill announcers, like Tony Schiavone (‘memba him?) would treat the viewers like idiots and say something ridiculous like, “wow, Sid really bulked up and added mass while he was away—he’s never looked better!” Riiiiiiiight.

So if this is true, we have a 240 pound Chael Sonnen on our hands. Is that a good thing? He still has to get down to 205, and quite frankly, I’m reluctant to believe that Sonnen’s added weight can be from anything other than NOT working out. We know he walks around at over 200, but I have a feeling Sonnen fighting at 205 won’t look any different than Sonnen fighting at 185. Just a hunch.


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