Maybe we should name our ‘Mount Rushmore’ of MMA too

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Cool Stuff We Like

chuck-liddellWith special thanks to Sherdog for letting me steal their idea—actually, they have no idea I’m “borrowing” their idea so don’t tell them—I wanted to bring up a great topic of discussion on a slow news day. Sherdog named their Mount Rushmore of MMA—Fedor Emelianenko, Royce Gracie, Sakuraba and Anderson Silva.

I’m not here to second guess their choices (in fact, I think they did a nice job), but this topic is sure to illicit dozens of differing opinions from fans—and since I’m a fan, I can give you mine. So without wasting any time, I’ll give you my thoughts on what a MMA Mount Rushmore would look like in my world.

Royce Gracie. Gracie is considered the first face of mixed martial arts. He was the winner of 3 UFC tournaments and quite frankly, if it wasn’t for him dominating the competition with a never before seen fighting style, jiu jitsu wouldn’t have changed the sport nearly as quickly. The fact that he was consistently much smaller and less assuming than his opponents only makes his story better. Any Mount Rushmore would be incomplete without Royce Gracie.

Fedor Emelianenko. If Gracie was the first superstar and face of MMA, then Fedor was the first mythical figure. He went 32 fights over nearly ten years without really losing a fight. His reputation inside the cage/ring grew to a point that he was considered unbeatable and even god-like. He beat the other legends of his time as well as men twice his size. His recent three-fight skid has no bearing on his rightful place on this shrine.

Chuck Liddell. Unlike Fedor and Gracie, who were mostly known for their work within the niche community of MMA, the Iceman broke out of that box. Liddell made MMA cool. Celebrities starting being attracted to the UFC because of this man. He went on a 14-1 tear in the UFC that captured the imagination of fans everywhere, giving Chuck the label of MMA’s first mainstream superstar. Since he got the best of two of his contemporaries—Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture—he gets the nod over both of them on our Mount Rushmore.

Anderson Silva. If anyone deserves a spot on this sculpture that’s still active and in his prime, it’s Silva. He’s’ managed to take what Liddell did and exceed it by more than double. He has never lost in the UFC and continues to prove why he’s the best in the world right now. It’s hard to believe that the Spider has been making guys look silly inside the octagon for over 6 years. He’s the Wayne Gretzky of the UFC.

My Near Misses: Randy Couture, Georges St-Pierre, Wanderlei Silva

So obviously you disagree with my selections. Who did I leave out and where did I make mistakes? Let’s hear it.

  1. prettyboygonzo says:

    No bob sapp? This is madness!! lol

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