‘Secret’ Weapon? Dos Santos will submit Velasquez if he has to

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events

junior-dos-santosJunior Dos Santos is the most successful one-dimensional fighter in the world. I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of heat for that statement, but it’s very true. And before I get accused of not knowing what I’m talking about, I KNOW he’s a black belt in BJJ. But let’s face it; he uses one skill in the octagon—devastating boxing. Whatever he touches with his fists, he destroys.

And despite his unprecedented success with that one skill (unprecedented at the elite level in today’s world of “well-rounded” mixed martial artists), Dos Santos says he just might try something new soon. He told MMA Junkie that he’s ready to finally use his jiu jitsu and submit someone. “Cain is a really good wrestler,” he said. “And he’s got a good chance to take me down. If he takes me down and holds me there, then you guys will see my jiu-jitsu.”

This isn’t something we never knew. It’s not a big secret Dos Santos has been keeping from us. We’ve all known he has a black belt; we’ve just never seen him use it in the UFC. Quite frankly, he’s never needed it. And in a way, isn’t this a frightening thought? The world most powerful puncher can beat you on the ground too.

“I train a lot of jiu-jitsu, too, and I can tell you I’m ready to submit someone,” he said. “If the fight goes to the ground and I can’t come back to my feet, I’m going to be looking to submit him.”

His opponent, Cain Velasquez found out just how hard JDS punches. Velasquez was knocked out in about a minute in their last matchup. Cain must be thinking the way to beat him this time is to better utilize his wrestling early and often. According to Junior, that may be a dead end as well.


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