Three WEC Alumni Ruling UFC Lightweight Division

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion
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showtimekickLightweight contender Anthony Pettis made a pretty bold comment that’s really difficult to contradict. Pettis told MMA Junkie that the now defunct WEC “had the best 155ers in the world.” The first inclination is to dismiss Pettis’ statement as hyperbole. But wait. He’s definitely got a point.

For one, former WEC champ, Ben Henderson has successfully upgraded his wardrobe to include the UFC belt. He managed to somehow beat the confounding Frankie Edgar TWICE. For the record, those two losses he handed Edgar equal twice the amount of losses he had in his entire career. Now Henderson (6-0 since coming to the UFC) is being included in most Pound-for-Pound discussions I hear.

Pettis himself is sitting in pretty elite company as well, joining the other elite WEC alum, Donald Cerrone on top of most Lightweight rankings. Pettis happens to be the only man on the UFC roster to ever defeat Henderson. Now he wants to do it again, but he’ll have to get past Cowboy to earn it.

Cerrone has been amazing since his jump to the UFC also. With 6 wins in 7 UFC fights, Cerrone has cemented himself as one of the top fighters in the world. His only misstep came against the red hot Nate Diaz—a fight he’s redeems himself from by winning his next two.

In all, the WEC trio is a combined 14-2 in their new home. One of them is wearing the belt and the other two are sitting in what appears to be a #1 contenders fight next month in Chicago. Anyone who doubted the successful transition from WEC—c’mon, admit it; you were doubtful—needs to admit it and move on. WEC is gone, but Pettis is right—he, Henderson and Cerrone are sitting atop the Lightweight world right now.


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