Damn! PLENTY of Candidates for Fight Night Bonuses at UFC 155

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion, Picks and Predictions, UFC Events

UFC-155-posterI’m pretty excited about UFC 155. Not only does is headline a heavyweight title fight—and we all know there’s something special about the big guys—but it also hosts a pretty good sampling of exciting fights and fighters, sure to entertain us right before our New Years Eve drunk fest. We stopped doing predictions a while back (frankly, no one reads them. Everyone’s too busy reading articles with the terms Steven Seagal & dumbass; Ronda Rousey & nude; and War Machine & horny), but I’ll do something a little different for this one.

Here is my idea of a preview article without doing anything boring like breaking down techniques or picking winners in every fight. Instead, let me toss out my own ideas of who might be set to take home a nice sized bonus.

Fight of the Night. Man, there’s a bunch of guys who have won MULTIPLE fight of the night honors already, including Leonard Garcia, Joe Lauzon, Chris Leben, Brad Pickett, Jamie Varner and Melvin Guillard. That’s nuts! Any of them can win it Saturday, but some of them could actually hurt their own chances with quick finishes. Cain/JDS, Varner/Guillard, Duffee/DeFries and others could be awesome, or they could be over in the blink of an eye. My own preference will be Lauzon vs. Jim Miller. I think Lauzon’s penchant for ground game mastery and Miller’s strong wrestling/BJJ combo and refusal to submit to anyone not named Diaz will make this a technical gem. MY PICK—Lauzon vs. Miller.

Knockout of the Night. Throw a dart at this one, right? Junior Dos Santos, Cain Velasquez, Chris Leben, Tim Boetsch and others have cornered the market on dramatic KOs in their careers. Wait, I didn’t mention Guillard, Wineland or Pickett? Well damn. The thing is, I’m not picking any of those guys Saturday. Despite some of the most decorated knockout artists in the UFC lining this event, I’m taking a different slugger. Todd Duffee is back in the big show and he’s coming with an attitude. He kind of gets a bad rap, but look, his only two losses were possibly the most surprising out-of-the-blue KO in UFC history and a decisive loss to Alistair Overeem. But who isn’t knocked out by Reem? I’m looking for a statement by Duffee—who averages roughly 1:02 per fight in his 7 career wins. MY PICK—Todd Duffee.

Submission of the Night.  I know what you’re thinking…that I’ll pick Jamie Varner because he’s fighting my nemesis, Guillard. But that’s way too easy. So is the Lauzon vs. Miller winner. Instead I’m going to shock and awe the world of MMA by picking a guy who hasn’t submitted anyone (don’t tell me he subbed Cro Cop; that’s a TKO in my book) in over 6 years. Yep, Dos Santos. With the wrestling and devastating ground game of Cain, this fight is bound to go to the ground. Although we never get to see it, JDS does have a jiu jitsu game. This time he’ll actually have to use it. I’ll also count on the perceived bias toward main eventers when awards are handed out. Basibcally, if JDS gets the submission, he’ll DEFINITELY win this award. MY PICK—Junior Dos Santos.

Those are my picks. I’d love to hear everyone else’s picks too. There are so many candidates on this card, there aren’t any wrong answers—unless someone decides to award a guy with virtually NO submissions as the SOTN winner. Yikes!


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