Pat Barry deals with Racist Hillbilly Troll

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion

pat_barry_0Back in the day, people would call town hall meetings to discuss all the important things going on. Some of those “important” discussions typically include topics like, “Mary Jones saw three foxes in her front yard this morning,” and whether or not to have a pie-eating contest at the local rummage sale. More often than not, those meetings would escalate into what’s wrong with the world according to that small town—politics, religion, etc. While town hall meetings aren’t as popular as they once were, forums and message boards have taken their place. And they’re full of cowards using false names.

We saw an exchange recently on YouTube involving Pat Barry and a hillbilly calling himself Jake. Jake—probably stealing internet from a local coffee shop and wearing a confederate flag doo-rag—found out that Pat Barry is half-black…and he didn’t like it one bit. Here’s what the toothless d-bag had to say to Barry (keep in mind Barry is a guy who gets paid to kick people in the head)…


This idiot starts dropping N-bombs and decades-old insults like he found a time machine to the past. They are so ridiculous it sounds like a Dave Chappell bit, but I think he’s serious. Barry had a response, and it was pretty funny. But not as funny as if Barry actually got to me this gomer.



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