UFC 155: Could Facebook be showcasing a future Contender we all forgot about?

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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Heavyweight Todd Duffee’s last fight in the UFC was in May of 2010. That’s two and a half long years ago since he thoroughly dominated veteran Mike Russow for the entire fight…except for one perfect punch. He was surprisingly cut after just one loss and rumors surfaced that it was due to a personality clash with Dana White. Now he’s back.

Saturday, Duffee will fight Phil DeFries at UFC 155. Far from the spotlight, he’ll be fighting on the dreaded Facebook portion of the show. That’s curious placement for a guy who has seven career victories—all of them knockouts. In fact, six of those seven KOs have come in the first round. This guy hits hard. He has registered knockouts in times like 0:15, 0:16, 0:34 and a then-UFC record 7 seconds.

Moreover than Duffee’s placement on this card, is his place within the UFC’s heavyweight division. I’ve spoken before about the lack of new challengers in that division, and for a true blue chipper like Duffee to finally be brought back, it means something. I recently spoke to a fight manager about what the UFC is looking for. According to that manager, they are looking for “heavyweights that aren’t fat.” Duffee is talented and certainly not fat.

UFC 155 will feature a heavyweight main event that will be the talk of the water cooler Sunday morning, no doubt. Everyone will be watching that one. But if you’re a real fan, you’ll be tuning in a little earlier on your laptop to see what could be another exciting matchup of big guys with implications down the road. If you’re a betting man, you might not rule out Duffee’s hopes of making the main telecast altogether. There’s always time to squeeze in a quick knockout if it happens. But you might want to log in to Facebook, just in case.

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Todd always looked like a beast. Maybe his skills have catched up now!

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