GOAT Silva close to re-signing; wants GSP, Jones and Bisping

Posted: December 29, 2012 in Commentary/Opinion

AsilvaThat’s not a bad birthday present for Uncle Dana is it? Arguably the GOAT, current MW UFC champ Anderson Silva is on the cusp of re-signing with the biggest and baddest MMA promotion in the land. And in spite of his 37 years, it looks like the UFC didn’t shy away from giving him a long-term contract.

A quick quote from UFC President Dana White:

“We are very close to finally signing the contract [extension]. It is a contract for more than three years of fighting. I didn’t have to do this, but he wants to make those superfights against GSP and Jon Jones. If Bisping beat’s Vitor Belfort, he will be next in line. Bisping wants to fight Anderson and Anderson wants Bisping.”

From FiveKnuckles.com

“He wants to make those superfights against GSP and Jon Jones” Of course he does. I can’t begin to imagine what kind of money the UFC threw at him, but I would venture to say that it’s probably the most financially rewarding contract in UFC history. But given what Anderson has done for the UFC, and the amount of money the UFC stands to make on said “superfights” I think it’s well worth it, whatever the price tag was.

And regardless of my personal feelings towards Bisping, which I admit are getting less and less hateful, a Anderson vs. Bisping fight in the UK would be sweet to see. And if Bisping does get by Belfort, which I think he does, it’ll be well-deserved too.

What ya’ say fight fans? Is giving a 37 year old fighter a 3-plus year contract extension a good idea? Is Anderson’s contract the biggest in UFC history?

  1. tylerg says:

    honestly i am super excited anyone who isn’t just excited as hell to see these fights are plain dumb! this is fucking awesome.

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