Epic Deli does it again … THE VELASQUEZ SANDWICH honors the new UFC Champ

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Cool Stuff We Like
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woman eating sandwichRemember a couple weeks ago when we wrote about a delicious new sandwich based on the life and times of Roy Nelson? Well Epic Deli in Chicago is at it again! This time, they are celebrating the new UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez by honoring him with his own sandwich starting today.

“The Velasquez” looks every bit as good as the “Big Country.” According to inside sources, we have learned that this thing will be piled with BBQ pulled pork (a personal fave of mine!) and BBQ beef. That’s a double-dose of meaty goodness.

But we’re not done yet. Also on the sandwich are a pile of baked beans, pepper jack cheese (yum!) and a handful of habanero pickles, which should fire things up a bit. Add some creamy coleslaw and some Lays BBQ potato chips and you have yourself a feast fit for a UFC heavyweight champion.

OK, you knew I missing something didn’t you? I was just playing around. Of course I failed to mention the ingredient every hall of fame sandwich needs—bacon! Don’t fret, The Velasquez will have plenty of your favorite sizzling meat as well. Congrats to Epic Deli yet again for submitting my taste buds with another heavyweight menu item I can’t wait to get my hands on.

I’m just glad they didn’t make a Junior Dos Santos sandwich. After Saturday’s beating at the hands of Cain, The Junior would basically be about 239 pounds of raw, bloody ground beef.


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