Top 10: Biggest Articles & Interviews on VigilanteMMA in 2012

Posted: January 2, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Interviews, Top 10

bestof2012WOW! The new year is here and man, we had a great 2012! Thanks to all our new fans and loyal readers, we had a record-breaking year at VigilanteMMA. We went to some great events, talked to some incredible people and got to hang out with some of our favorite stars of MMA. We are almost ready to unveil even more cool things for the new year, making 2013 even better than ’12. In the meantime, let’s take a look back at some of the biggest and best stories/interviews we did last year. It’s hard to believe some of the stuff that didn’t make this list. Here’s our Top 10 Biggest Articles from 2012.

1. Brian Ebersole Fires Back at Koscheck: “I’m not alone in thinking he’s a dick”
Brian Ebersole pulls no punches in one of the most memorable interviews we’ve ever done. It’s not a surprise that this one caught the eye of virtually every major MMA outlet in the world and went absolutely crazy for us.

2. Exclusive Interview with ‘Caged’ Star Matt “Danger” Schnell
The breakout star of the popular new MTV series was undoubtedly “Danger.” At first, I thought ‘Caged’ would be full of idiots who think they can fight–but right away, I was excited by Schnell’s abilities in the cage. This guy is for real.

3. UFC’s Newest Star, Justin Salas Talks with us about the Biggest Win of His Career
It’s cool to see a fighter take the next big step in his career. We’ve interviewed Salas well before he arrived in the UFC, but this one was very exciting. It marked his “arrival” into the big-leagues in a sense. Here he talks about his 1st UFC win.

4. UFC 146′s Roy Nelson calls Dave Herman a “White Version of Anderson Silva”
Another mainstay at VigilanteMMA, Roy Nelson has always been a popular subject. This one is no exception. Not only does he make a crazy claim about Dave Herman’s skill, but he also talks in-depth about the UFC’s drug policy.

5. Introducing Shannon Ihrke — Model, Marine, Ring Girl and Newest Addition to VigilanteMMA
Shannon burst onto the MMA scene right in front of our eyes. The model and ring girl started writing for VigilanteMMA and then her career exploded. Do we take ALL the credit for her success? Of course not–maybe 80-90% though.

6. Neil Magny’s Weekly Ultimate Fighter 16 Blog
Neil started with VigilanteMMA even before TUF 16 started and we couldn’t have been more impressed with him. If you’re looking for a great young fighter to follow, you can’t go wrong with this guy–a legit good guy with legit skills. I can’t wait to work with Neil as his career explodes.

7. MFC’s McGillivray clears the air on Greg Jackson: “It’s the doctor’s job to make sure I can go, not Greg’s”
This is one of the most revealing interviews ever to appear on VigilanteMMA. Greg Jackson received some harsh criticism for Ryan’s fight last May. McGillivray gave his exclusive story to us–and man was it good. This may be the can’t miss interview of the year.

8. Exclusive Interview with #1 Flyweight Ian ‘Uncle Creepy’ McCall: “I Definitely Don’t Suck!”
When the UFC announced the inclusion of Flyweights, the #1 fighter in the world wasn’t named Johnson or Benavides. The top 125 pound fighter in the world was Ian McCall. And we were one of the first to get some time with “Uncle Creepy,” and discovered he’s a hard guy not to root for.

9. Exclusive Interview with Tim Boetsch: “I plan on taking out Bisping”
Boetsch was bursting on the scene at MW when he KO’d Yushin Okami in memorable fashion. We talked to him right when he was preparing to fight Michael Bisping, who unfortunately was injured and replaced by Hector Lombard.

10. War Machine is one Horny Dude — he also thinks “ice is dumb”
Sometimes an article goes viral and you didn’t even expect it. This is one of those times! This collection of amazing tweets went ballistic on VigilanteMMA when War Machine himself loved it. I’m going to go ahead a call this a “must-read.”


  1. […] for a legal synopsis of this situation, you’ve come to the wrong place. Hell, we just listed our top 10 articles of 2012 and a story titled, ‘War Machine is One Horny Dude’ was on the list, so legal analysis isn’t […]

  2. […] for a legal synopsis of this situation, you’ve come to the wrong place. Hell, we just listed our top 10 articles of 2012 and a story titled, ‘War Machine is One Horny Dude’ was on the list, so legal analysis isn’t […]

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