Carmouche says UFC “absolutely” wants her to lose to Rousey or it could end Women in UFC

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors
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Liz CarmoucheI’m glad someone said this out loud. And I’m even happier it was Liz Carmouche who said it. Despite all the political correctness and clichés that have taken over the sports world, it’s good to hear an athlete come right out and tell the truth, as obvious as it may seem. Carmouche—who has basically been given the moniker, “that chick Ronda’s fighting”—told Ariel Helwani that she knows the UFC is rooting for her to lose.

The UFC (code word for Dana White) has built an entire platform around Rousey, gave her a belt, handed her a PPV headlining slot, and more or less have turned her into the Michael Jordan of women’s MMA—without ever fighting for the company. So what Carmouche said isn’t far-fetched at all. In fact, it’s so obvious, Tim McCarver could have said it. The only surprising thing about her statement is that she had the balls guts to say it.

Helwani asked the queen of the Lizbo’s (no, really…that’s what her fans are called, I shit you not) if she felt the UFC was rooting against her. Absolutely,” she replied, without even having to think about it. She took it a step further when she considered that beating the “chosen one” could be the end of women in the UFC.

Let me state that I don’t think that will literally happen. But if it does, it will be the biggest ‘hype vs. result’ differential since they popped open Al Capone’s vault on live TV in the 80’s only to find a few candy wrappers. Talk about a disappointment.

Can you even imagine? I can practically smell Dana’s blood pressure climbing with the thought of his beloved Ronda losing in her first fight. Essentially, Carmouche is looking to win the UFC belt with the mindset that if she does, she could be out of a job. How’s that for irony?


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