8 Bucks for Invicta 4…Good Deal?

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

InvictaFCThis article brought to you by Beyond the Cage MMA Podcast

For those of you who don’t what Invicta is, it’s the first all professional Women’s MMA promotion and they will be having their fourth event tomorrow night in Kansas City. What is new about this one compared to the other three is that you will have to pay to watch it.

Invicta 1-3 were streamed live and free on Invicta’s website which by most accounts had a lot of viewers. With their first three events being free to watch, that no doubt helped Invicta gain exposure and recognition which is key for a new promotion. Free is always a good thing for the consumer but not as good for a business.

For as cool as it was to log onto my computer and watch a whole card for free, I knew it wouldn’t last forever. As much as MMA organizations are about putting on good fights they are equally about making money. With no broadcast deal in place and showing fights online for free, Invicta couldn’t have made that much money in three fights otherwise Invicta 4 would also be free.

I agree that Invicta has to do something to draw in more revenue and this was probably their only viable option. Much like the movie Inception, Women’s MMA is a niche sport inside a niche sport which doesn’t exactly make television networks line up to broadcast your product. With conventional TV out of the picture, a PPV model is really the only option that is left.

Officially the fight will be $7.95 and compared to a UFC fight, that is a pretty good deal. Even on my salary I could afford eight bucks but some will not purchase this event because they will have to spend a little extra cash. No matter how cheap this fight is, people would rather have it for free. I bet some people wouldn’t buy even if it was only a dollar.

Besides the price, another draw back to potential buyers is the fact the fight is only available online. Unless you have one of those fancy new TVs with internet built in or have the capabilities to hook up your computer to the TV, some will not want to sit and watch a three plus hour fight on the computer.

If your like me, you like to sit back on the couch and simply watch TV. I have on occasion hooked my PC up to the TV but its a hassle and I rather just turn the TV onto a channel and watch. Being all online may not bother you but it will turn some away from a purchase.

I am not sure if they could have got this fight on TV PPV but either way the fight can only be purchased online. With any MMA event the quality of fights are always an unknown factor when deciding on purchase but if previous events are any indication of how this one will go, Invicta 4 should be great and worth the eight bucks.

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  1. Very good idea. Cheap and can get the word out to the online market. With UFC going to WMMA more interest in the sport. Get it now follow these ladies now watch some killer fights and watch some of these women blossom.

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