Some AWESOME Data/Stats about every UFC Fight in 2012

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Cool Stuff We Like, UFC Events

StatisticsI ran across a really cool statistical breakdown of the UFC for 2012 on the internet yesterday and thought I’d share some of the details. While I can’t claim any credit for these stats, I’ll gladly place blame for any inaccuracies on, the people who I’m told put this sweet analysis together. Some awesome UFC facts from last year…

  • There were 31 events and 341 fights.
  • 47% of fights ended in a decision
  • 31% by knockout
  • 21% by submission
  • 1% ended in a no-contest
  • The “major” camps (Blackzillians, Team Quest, Team Alpha Male, Xtreme Couture, Alliance, ATT, Tristar, AKA and Jackson’s) accounted for 52% of all fights.
  • Of all those camps, Team Alpha Male had the best finish ratio—67%
  • AKA was a distant second finishing 58% of the time.
  • The worst finishing rates by far were Jackson’s (30%) and Tristar (35%).
  • Jackson’s MMA recorded 1 win by submission in 2012
  • No Jackson’s MMA fighter was defeated by submission
  • Team Quest fighters tallied knockouts in 33% of their fights.
  • AKA fighters won 74% of their fights—easily best in this study
  • Rounding out the bottom, the Blackzillians only won 45% of their fights.

Many anti-Jackson/Tristar fans will be sure to jump on these figures—mainly the fact that they went to decision 70% and 65% of the time, respectively. In fairness, Tristar fighters did manage to win a second best 61% of their fights. Does a major camp prevent tapping out? Well, according to this report, not one fighter from Tristar, Xtreme Couture, Alliance or Jackson’s lost a fight by submission. That’s weird!

For me, one of the most interesting pieces of data was that Team Alpha Male managed the highest finishing rate. That totally goes against my belief that the bigger fighters tend to cause the most stoppages (by KO mostly). As you know, Team Alpha Male is full of smaller fighters—mostly 155 and below.

Thanks to Middle Easy for tipping us off about this cool feature.

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    52 percent of the fights ending in a knockout or submission is pretty good! Hope this year will be just as entertaining!

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