TUF 17: is this the guy Everyone is “Terrified” of?

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like, Latest news, Rumors, The Ultimate Fighter

torLast month Dana White was asked about the upcoming season of TUF, and in Dana-like fashion, took hyperbole to the next level and declared that TUF 17 is “so awesome and so badass.” And the primary reason for such “baddassery?” As Dana White further elaborates, there’s a certain fighter in the house that everyone is “terrified” of.

Hyperbole or not, I’m drinking the kool-aid. I’m super-pumped to watch this season (e.g. entertaining coaches, Thursday nights, mystery badass) and now after this post by The Bleacher Report, I’m really excited to tune in. According to said source, there’s been some rumblings on who this “badass” is. And if you’re not from Sweden, you may never have heard of him before. So who’s this foreign Terminator? Answer: Tor “The Hammer” Troeng…obviously.

Keep in mind that this is purely speculation, but we do know a few thing about “The Hammer.” Namely, he’s a rumored finalist for TUF, and based on the B/R article, here’s some further circumstantial evidence.

1. Troeng is definitely a competitor on the show and a cast member of the TUF household.

2. Dana White said that a TUF cast member put four opponents in the hospital. Given that he said so in the same breath and as though this happened during the course the show, it’s fair to assume that this person won his elimination fight, first round match, quarterfinal bout and semifinal qualifier.

3. Troeng is a solid fighter and currently boasts a gaudy 11-1-1 stretch (with nine finishes) dating back over the last four years. That’s impressive, especially considering his last loss was against former UFC fighter Thales Leites.

4. Troeng is an extremely violent fighter.

Want proof of said violence, see below.

Like I said, I’m drinking the kool-aid on this one. Are you???


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