Dana White strikes down rumors of Rousey’s $75/75 Payday

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Latest news, Rumors
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DanaVIGDana White doesn’t like to be second guessed. He also doesn’t like it when he’s being second guessed for something that isn’t even true. Earlier today we reported on a rumor that had been circulating that Ronda Rousey would be earning a very stiff $75,000 to show and another $75,000 to win in her upcoming UFC 157 title defense. Naturally, those rumors were met with shock and awe. The common belief was that those figures seemed pretty high as compared to several other UFC champs at Lightweight and under. Well, White didn’t beat around the bush with his response to those rumors.

He got on the UG to put an end to the talk. He also called out the apparent source of the story: “mma interviews whoever the hell they are is full of shit

No punctuation; no capitalization. Just a strong statement that the information is false. So the question is, does that make everyone feel any better? I suppose it makes people like Ben Henderson, Jose Aldo and the other champions we mentioned feel a little better. Personally, I don’t care how much anyone makes. As one of our readers pointed out, it wouldn’t have been Ronda’s fault for taking the money. But it did seem awfully strange–and difficult to justify–that she was set to rake in such a huge payday when compared to other UFC belt holders.


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