If reports are true, Rousey is making some SERIOUS Bank at UFC 157 — like WAY more than other champions

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Rumors
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rousey1Reports are surfacing about Ronda Rousey’s upcoming UFC 157 title bout and her pay. It should be noted that Rousey’s manager disputed the following rumors, but that’s not out of the ordinary. According to the report, Rousey will earn $75,000/$75,000 (if you’re new to this sport that means she’ll get $75k to show up and another $75k if she wins). In addition to that stack o’ cash, she’ll supposedly be earning a cut from the pay per view buys as well.

That’s big time money! Especially considering Rousey has never fought in the UFC before. She’s never headlined before. She’s never proven to be a PPV draw. Not to mention the unknown of how exactly the women’s division will perform in the UFC. So far, PPV buys are low. There’s still time to rebound, but we’ll see.

I don’t want to dismiss Rousey’s drawing power; nor do I want to completely bash the deal she has. But I’ll give you a few figures for comparison sake—and you can come to your own conclusion about whether or not this is a fair salary.

Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson made $20,000/$20,000 when he won the inaugural 125-pound title at UFC 152.

Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz made $20,000/$20,000 when he headlined against Urijah Faber and against Johnson last year.

Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo earned $24,000/$24,000 in his last title defense against Chad Mendes last January. Before that, he made the same amounts defeating Kenny Florian.

Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson made $39,000/$39,000 to headline the highly anticipated fight with Nate Diaz on Fox last month. That was slightly higher than the $30/$30 he made in his first defense against Frankie Edgar.

These are just a few examples of other champions and their salaries for defending their titles. It’s fair to say that “Rowdy” is making way more than the standard wage for a champion in an unproven category. She’s making twice as much as Ben Henderson and almost 4-times as much as Mighty Mouse! If this is accurate, that means Rousey will be making more money per fight than current champions Aldo, Cruz and Johnson — COMBINED. That’s stiff.

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