Joe Lauzon’s Face — Day-by-Day Pictures of what Jim Miller did to him

Posted: January 7, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

lauzonfaceJoe Lauzon has been tweeting pictures of his messed up face for the past week so we can see a day by day progression of the beating he took from Jim Miller. Slowly but surely, the bonus machine is starting to look more like a human every day. While you look at these pictures, let me tell you something amazing about Lauzon’s UFC career.

In 14 UFC fights, he’s won 12 fight night bonuses–6 submission of the night, 5 fight of the night and 1 KO of the night. He’s only been in three fights where he didn’t earn a bonus of some kind (in one fight he won two bonuses). He’s also on a tear during his last nine fights. During that span (dating back to February 2009) he has gone away empty handed only one time. That was his loss to Anthony Pettis at UFC 144. Ironically, Lauzon was the victim of Pettis’ KO of the night that night.

Note to all fighters…if you think you might win a bonus, make sure you avoid events with Lauzon on the card.



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