Ben Henderson works 10 hr. shifts @ mom’s shop after title fight. Huh?

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

benThere are a lot of ways to celebrate a championship, but I can almost guarantee you that no one has “celebrated” the way UFC Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson has.

According to an article by The Bleacher Report, Ben Henderson thought his mom, owner of a small convenience store in Washington, needed a break. So he stepped up and worked 5, 10 hour shifts at her store in order to give her a week off:

“That’s what she does every day,” Henderson’s head trainer John Crouch said. “He worked his mom’s shifts at her store so she could take the week off. And she works crazy hours. Even now, she owns this store and goes in and opens up at 6 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. And that’s her shift. Ben gets his work ethic from his momma.”

“She’s worked hard all her life and he wants to give her a break. He works hard too. He had a long camp and a 25-minute fight. He deserves a break, too. But he’d rather give it to his mom. It says a lot about him. He loves his mom so much. His mom is the No. 1 person in his life. You can see that every time he’s around her.”

And don’t worry Henderson fans, his work ethic doesn’t just pertain to mopping floors and working the cash register…Here’s another quick story from Henderson’s head coach, John Crouch:

“When we got back from Japan, he had just won the belt. It’s a long flight and everyone is tired. Travel was brutal. The food was terrible over there. But the day we got home, he was in his gi taking a class. That’s Benson to me. That’s how Ben does it. He comes back from fights and is right back in the gym, working out.”

So it’s no wonder than Henderson is often times perceived as a continually improving fighter, and as his undefeated UFC record can attest to, it’s definitely working. And who knows, with a work ethic like that, maybe one day he can leave up to his own lofty expectations.


  1. mmachiro says:

    Much respect for Ben. You don’t see that happening much with young people his age nowadays. Good man inside and outside of the cage.

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