‘Round 5’ doesn’t disappoint with HUGE Lineup of Action Figs in Series 12

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Cool Stuff We Like

Round5-s12Round 5 has become one of our favorite collectibles brands over here at VigilanteMMA. In case you aren’t familiar, these are the UFC action figures that are just lifelike enough to be thoroughly awesome; and just cartoonish enough to keep them from being creepy. At under $15 apiece retail, I’ve always suggested these are the best and most affordable sports collectible pieces this side of the McFarlane action figs from other sports.

These guys have just announced their checklist for the upcoming Series 12 release, which will hit the stores in May. Let me tell you, this is a huge series, and it should appeal to everyone from casual fans to hardcore collectors. Series 12 will boast a standard “base” set of six fighters that can be purchased at retailers (Toys R Us in the U.S.) or online, and area produced at the standard quantities so everyone can enjoy their goodness.

That list includes Nate Diaz, Brian Stann, BJ Penn, Jose Aldo (Championship Edition with belt), Junior Dos Santos (Championship Edition with belt), and Chan Sung Jung. The Korean Zombie figure will be available only online and through specialty retailers, but will still be made in standard quantities.

One cool thing about Series 12 is that there is a buttload of Limited Edition pieces, produced in much lower quantities. That should excite the chase collectors, who enjoy getting their grubby mitts on hard-to-find figures. These are the same people who wouldn’t let you play with their Tickle Me Elmo Doll when you were children because he didn’t want you to devalue it.

The limited editions include the following, and are individually numbered. Korean Zombie (750 units, with official KZ shirt); Brian Stann (750, Championship Edition with WEC belt and walkout shirt); Nate Diaz (750, with walkout shirt); Tito Ortiz (750, Hall of Fame Edition); BJ Penn (1500, Championship Edition with 2 belts); Pat Barry (750); Jon Fitch (1000); Wanderlei Silva (1000, Championship Edition with Pride belt); Frank Mir (1000); Alexander Gustafsson (1000); Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (1000 Championship Edition with Pride belt); Matt Hughes (1000).

That’s an incredible lineup with plenty of cool-sounding tough to find figs—as well as a nice handful of easier “gets.” For the record, there’s no truth the rumor that the Nate Diaz figure comes with a bong or a retractable middle finger.


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