Who knows a good way to make $7,865? Strikeforce does!

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Strikeforce Events
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cashJesus, this is nucking futs. Did you get a load of the odds for this weekend’s Strikeforce event? Put it this way, you’ve got a better chance of beating Daniel Cormier than the guy he’s actually fighting—whose name no one knows. I guess if you’re looking to rake in on some major long shots, Strikeforce is the place to do it.

The aforementioned Cormier will sashay into the cage Saturday night a massive -1700 favorite over Dion Staring. That gives him about a 95% chance of winning according to Vegas. Stephan Bonnar was only about a 13 to 1 dog in his mismatch against Anderson Silva if that gives you some perspective on this thing.

That isn’t the only betting line that will make you do a double-take this weekend. Josh Barnett is a -1380 favorite over another guy no one had heard of until recently, Nandor Guilmino. Even Nate Marquardt walks in a big favorite in his title match against Tarec Saffiedine, at -260.

Wanna see how crazy the lines are in this event? Let’s say you bet 20 bucks on Cormier and Barnett to lose—and for the hell of it, you also picked Marquardt to drop his belt in a ridiculous 3-fight parlay. Now let’s say lightning strikes—like 100 times—and your stupid prediction comes true. You’d pull down a slick profit of almost 8 grand. So with that, all I can say is…I dare ya.


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