With cryptic non-answer to TRT Question, Vitor Belfort answers the shit out of it

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion
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belfortWhaaaaat??? I wasn’t aware UFC contender Vitor Belfort was preparing for a presidential debate. But I honestly can’t come up with any other description for Belfort’s rambling non-answers he gave ESPN in a recent interview about his upcoming fight testosterone replacement therapy. When interviewer Brett Okamoto asked Belfort whether he’s ever applied for a TRT, he got all that’s none of your biznazz, but instead of pretending to be offended, I’m just going to talk endlessly about nothing and see if you notice.

We noticed.

Here’s what Belfort said in response to that question: “If a question is private, I have the choice to answer or not. If I make it public, it’s not private anymore. If I want to say something private I will say it, but I keep to myself and I respect the laws of the sport. Whatever the organization, whatever the law — they know what to do. This is too controversial, why am I going to say something that doesn’t accomplish anything? If it’s legal, they know what to do. If it’s legal, there’s nothing to say about it. It’s legal.”

Sometimes it’s not what you say…it’s what you don’t say. So by trying to give reasons why he shouldn’t answer that question, isn’t Vitor really giving us everything we need to answer that question ourselves?


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