Cain Velasquez responds to Tyson Fury’s ridiculous challenge: “don’t talk…do it!”

Posted: January 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

cain-velasquezRemember a week or so ago when heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury made an ass of himself acted like a tough guy by calling Cain Velasquez a “midget” and an “idiot?” Fury said a fight between him and Cain wouldn’t last two rounds. And get this—he said he’d fight him in a cage or a ring. I take that to mean he’s saying he’d beat Velasquez in a mixed martial arts fight.

That created waves for a while and finally Velasquez himself got to respond. “To me,” he said to Ray Flores at ESPN, “it’s like don’t talk about it, go ahead and do it. That’s all I have to say about that.” Short and sweet for sure. But he probably didn’t really have to say any more than that. Everyone knows exactly how a boxer would fare against a mixed martial artist—James Toney can attest to that.

There’s really not much intrigue in a fight between a boxing contender and the best heavyweight fighter in the UFC—unless of course you’re into snuff films. What would be more interesting is to let Fury fight someone else in the UFC a little lower on the food chain. How ‘bout booking this chump in a fight on the Facebook portion of an event against Mike Russow or someone like that?

Actually, that might be kinda funny. Can you imagine a boxer getting smothered on the ground by Russow for three straight rounds? Once he got Fury on his back, Russow (I’m just using Russow as an example; it could be anyone) would literally be able to change this dude’s diaper right in the center of the cage. Either way, it’s time for Fury to shut the hell up and stop saying stupid shit.

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