And in the Main Event — Eddie Alvarez vs. Bellator

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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alvarezThis article is brought to you by Beyond the Cage MMA Podcast

Eddie Alvarez is having the biggest fight of his career and he can’t even throw a punch at his opponent. I was in attendance for Eddie’s last fight, which was at Bellator 76 in Windsor, Ontario. That was back in October and what has happened over the last 3 plus months have been like a roller coaster ride.

At the post-fight press conference of Bellator 76 it seemed as though the process of re-signing Alvarez would be difficult and would probably end up with Eddie in the UFC. Like Lombard before him, Eddie would no doubt to get an offer that he couldn’t refuse. The offer to Eddie from the UFC was one that worked for him but this is where the problem begins.

A tactic that has been used in team sports for years known as the restricted free agent, is the type of contract Bellator has with Alvarez. A contract like that gives Bellator a chance to match any offer from another organization which in this instance is the UFC. Details of the contract are out there to see but in Bellator and Bjorn Rebney’s mind, they matched the deal. To Alvarez and his representatives they have not, which has led to lawsuits from both parties.

In looking over the details reported by Sports Illustrated, both sides have their issues and both believe they are in the right. I am not going to say whose arguments is better, that is for the courts to decide but I will say that neither side wanted this to happen.

This is by far the worse case scenario for all parties involved, having to settle this in court. For Bellator, they lose their top star for now and possibly forever all while getting major backlash from MMA fans claiming to boycott the promotions fights on Spike TV. For Alvarez, he could potentially sit on the shelf for a year sorting this mess out wasting away what is the prime of his career. Even if he goes to the UFC, he can’t turn back time.

If he goes back to Bellator, despite all insurances from Alvarez himself that he would fight for the organization again, I can’t imagine his fights being as entertaining and that his relationship with Bjorn/Bellator to be a positive one. The UFC is only party mixed up in this that will be okay. First off, they don’t have to be spend any money or time being in court and second, they already have 99% of the best fighters in the world so not getting the services of Eddie Alvarez won’t be that damaging.

I am hopefully that a deal will be reached in the near future future but that is unlikely. Nobody will come out of this thing looking good. This fight is going to a judge’s decision which is never what you want to do. Blame or be mad at whoever you want but the fact is, Eddie Alvarez won’t be fighting anytime soon.

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