Say it ain’t so, DC! Hopefully this is a Photo Shop

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

Please tell me this the work of a sadistic prankster with Photo Shop, and not what I think it is. Daniel Cormier has become one of the personal favorites of VigilanteMMA over he past year or so. But Daniel, why would you do this to us? Anyone but this clown!


  1. […] The other big matchup being associated with UFC on Fox 7 is a heavyweight fight we almost saw in 2012. Daniel Cormier will face former UFC champ Frank Mir. Cormier’s buzz is like no one else in this entire Strikeforce-to-UFC transition, and he’s been rumored to be a legit contender at both heavyweight and light heavyweight. In fact, despite Cormier’s strong preference to remain at heavyweight, Dana White has said that DC “might” be in line for a shot at Jon Jones right away. He only has one thing working against him–> THIS. […]

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