Melendez & Alvarez Signings could send Pettis back to the end of the line — AGAIN

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors

anthony_pettisIs anyone starting to feel sorry for Anthony Pettis? It’s now been over two years since “Showtime” defeated Ben Henderson to supposedly earn two things—the WEC title and a title shot at the UFC champion. Due to several circumstances, he hasn’t received a title shot yet. And now, two new UFC imports might push it back even further.

Reports are starting to circulate now that Henderson (of course, he’s the UFC champ now) may next face Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez in April, while Pettis will have a brutal matchup with Donald Cerrone at the end of this month. And if that wasn’t enough, word on the street is that part of Eddie Alvarez’s proposed deal with the UFC includes an immediate title shot too.

If Melendez gets this fight in April; and if Alvarez signs with UFC, that would put his title match sometime no sooner than fall of ’13. So the best Pettis can hope for now is to beat Cowboy in January, and then beat another top contender while he waits for these two title fights to happen. Best case scenario is probably at the very end of ’13 or even early ’14.

It all started when Pettis was sidestepped because of a Henderson/Frankie Edgar draw. Then a loss to Clay Guida. Then a series of nagging injuries. And now a couple high profile free agent signings. If Pettis ever gets that title shot, I hope it’s treated like a huge story of perseverance because this guy has been waiting for his big opportunity longer than Prince Charles has waited for the 200 year old queen mum to be forced out off the throne due to a wild ass sex scandal.

  1. Kent Murray says:

    Waa! I don’t see him beating Cerrone and if he would have won his fight with Guida a guy who should be at 145 he would have had his shot. Mean while he will lose any way, no fancy kick will win this time for him.

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