Michael “Little Girl Hands” Bisping — Thank you Hector Lombard!

Posted: January 15, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Cool Stuff We Like
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hector-lombardAfter a lackluster loss to Tim Boetsch in his octagon debut, Hector Lombard had some ground to make up in the eyes of most UFC fans—including me. By making quick work of that psychopath Rousimar Palhares, he made a big step in the right direction. But now he’s doing something that puts him all the way back in my good graces forever—he’s calling out and trash talking Michael Bisping.

Last night on MMA Hour, Lombard tossed the gauntlet by expressing interest in fighting Bisping. He went a step farther when he said he would “guarantee” a knockout over The Count. The image of Bisping getting KTFO is one that will never get old—whether it’s the one at the hands of Dan Henderson, or one imagined in my head from a fight that is yet to occur.

And who knew Lombard was funny? Isn’t it usually Bisping who drops one-liners and witty remarks about his opponents—and other people’s opponents? This time Bisping was on the receiving end of humorous story.

Lombard told a story about his first encounter with Bisping in which the two met and shook hands. He claims he squeezed Bisping’s hand and was shocked because they were so tiny—the smallest hands he’s ever seen!

In what I’m calling the best line of 2013 (so far), Lombard gave us this gem: “He’s got the smallest hands ever, like a little girl’s hands.” And with that, we now have an awesome new nickname for one of our “favorite” guys to bash around here. But Michael “Little Girl Hands” Bisping should rest assured; at least he’s not ion the Steven Seagal category yet.


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