Step in the Wrong Direction — Rousey Tweets ‘Sandy Hook’ Conspiracy Theory Video

Posted: January 16, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

rousey1One of the greatest things about MMA is that fans have unprecedented access to their favorite fighters.  That access is unlike any other sport. Try getting Derek Jeter or LeBron James to have a conversation with you on Twitter. The fact that MMA stars aren’t untouchable is amazing. However, we’ve just witnessed yet another example of how that “personal touch” can backfire.

Ronda Rousey is enjoying quite a rise to super-stardom. But yesterday she tweeted something ridiculous. There’s a propaganda video circulating online about the Sandy Hook massacre being—SHOCKER—a government conspiracy. I guess that makes this disaster just like every other major tragedy in the country’s history. Did you know George W Bush brought down WTC buildings?

Anyway, Rousey didn’t necessarily advocate the theory, but she did re-tweet the video and called it “interesting” and a “must watch” video. Ronda seems like a bright person, but this is ludicrous. By sending the video out to her fans—and using terms like “interesting” to describe it, isn’t she advocating it in a way? Do we really need our sports stars weighing in on politics in this manner?

I can’t stand that part of celebrity anyway. The last thing I want to see on an awards show is Nicki Minaj telling me about how we can “fix” the country. Nor do I want my UFC champions spouting off about insane conspiracy theories. Please Ronda, everyone seems to like you. Don’t fuck this up by trying to show people you’re some kind of activist; or that you’re smarter than me just because you know how to armbar somebody.


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