Evans reveals Jones secret to success…

Posted: January 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

JonJonesRashadEvansUFCbut don’t be too excited…it’s not exactly something you can sell in a bottle. Former friends turned “frienemies” Rashad Evans and Jon Jones have a sorted history, but from that, there at least now appears to be some level of respect. Case in point, former UFC champ Rashad Evans spoke with MMAMania about what exactly makes Jon Jones so great, saying:

“The reason why he fights so fearlessly is because he really doesn’t have that much fear. The minute you start having fear is the minute you become like everybody else who competes — afraid to take chances, afraid to pull off those big moves that you did in practice. That hesitation leaves you vulnerable for a counter.”

And to think, after all of this time we all thought it was because of his giant reach (shakes head). All kidding aside, while things like Jones’ reach, athleticism, wrestling and striking acumen obviously do play a part to his dominance, I think Rashad makes a good point. When you’ve seen Jones fight, you see a guy who’s fluid, calculated and “in the moment.” And when you’re loose, at least scientifically speaking, you’re more apt to be faster and quicker too.

Further still, who else reminds you of possessing this mysterious “no fear” quality? Yep, Jones’ “superfight” opponent, Anderson Silva.

So for all of you fighters out there, just dig deep into your closet and dust off the ol’ “No Fear” shirt and “act as if” and you too can become a world champion.


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