Rashad Evans Contemplates Dropping to Middleweight; suggests “test cut” before Silva

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors
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The middleweight title picture just got murkier over the weekend, thanks to Michael Bisping’s loss to Vitor Belfort. Bisping seemed to be on top of a VERY short list of middleweights in line for a title shot anytime in the near future. That list of course is greatly influenced by champ Anderson Silva’s own pecking order and recent losses by former contenders like Tim Boetsch and Alan Belcher.

Well, Silva has to fight somebody right? So there seems to be no better time for the long-rumored Rashad Evans to jump into the fray at what many people are calling his ideal weight class. Of course I agree. His star power and his success at light heavyweight make him a perfect opponent for Silva—if Rashad wants it to happen.

During a press conference over the weekend, Evans expressed both interest as well as concern over a drop in weight. “My body goes to like 235 when I’m not consistently training,” he said. “I’d have to change everything about my diet on a daily basis.”

Another very important point he made was the question of why should he drop to a new weight. His point being, if he’s already a top contender getting great fights—and winning—at 205, what’s the advantage to putting his body through the rigors of a more drastic weight cut, just to wind up in the same (or lower) place in a new category. That’s a valid point that sometimes gets lost on us fans.

As fans, we want the best fights and matchups imaginable. With Silva running the table at 185, Evans is a natural choice to give us all what we want—great fights. Evans considers himself on top of the division already. While he sounds open to dropping to middleweight, he certainly won’t do it to climb the ladder. But at the same time, he said he’d “have to do a test cut and see how I feel there.”

It sounds like he’s saying he wants his first fight at 185 to be a big one, with the promise that a win would earn him a shot at the champ. Honestly, Evans is a legit superstar in the sport. If this is what he’s asking for, I see no reason not to grant his request. The UFC is giving Silva plenty of leeway in deciding who he thinks is “worthy” of fighting him. I think they could accommodate another big star like Evans to book a fight that we all want to see. I think Rashad just needs some gently nudging.


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