Sonnen successfully ends Lance Armstrong’s lawsuit by threatening to “kick his ass”

Posted: January 23, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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SOnnenVIG1With the debut of The Ultimate Fighter Season 17, the Chael Sonnen Show is back at full strength and it’s playing to anyone who will listen. One guy who will listen is Jim Rome. Rome had Sonnen back on his show this week and Chael was in character as usual. In fact, he wanted to discuss a current event that Sonnen has already been talking about—Lance Armstrong.

You’ll remember Sonnen appeared on Rome’s show a while back accusing Armstrong of doping. Well, obviously, we now know he was right. He couldn’t resist slinging a few zingers at Lance though. In regards to Oprah’s interview, and the notion that Armstrong is a bully, Sonnen scoffed. “Why are they calling him a bully?” he asked. “Lance is a dweeb.”

He continued with the theme of Armstrong being a nerd. “The only thing he’s missing is the tape on the glasses and the high water pants. That guy couldn’t get respect at the local Honky Tonk in my hometown.” I don’t know why Sonnen’s hometown has honky tonks (hell, I don’t think I really know what one is!), but I guess that’s beside the point.

The most interesting part of the interview was when he claimed that Armstrong threatened legal action when Sonnen accused him of doping. “He threatened to sue me so I threatened to kick his ass and the whole thing went away.”

“Look, I get it and I’m kidding but Lance did do some bad stuff and he was a jerk about it. Yeah, he hit me up with the whole ‘I’m gonna sue you’ routine and I hit him back with the whole ‘I’ll kick your ass’ routine. That’s it, that’s where it ended. I thought he was going to go through with the lawsuit but he did not.”

Who knows if any of this story is true? Chael also told us about a story where he saw the Nogueira brothers feeding a carrot to a city bus upon their first trip to the U.S. The idea of responding to a supposed lawsuit by offering to beat the guy’s ass is both hilarious and ironic at the same time. Most likely, there’s no truth to it and in a way that makes it even more funny. If this is just a glimpse of what we can expect in the next several weeks on TUF 17, you can count me in. Sonnen’s act has grown on me and I’m all in.


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