Dana White basically calls Nobre’s “injury” a fake; but firing him for it is REAL

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

nobreRemember that fight at UFC on FX 7? You know, the one where Yuri Alcantara lost a sure win over Pedro Nobre because he was…beating him up? We haven’t discussed this yet, because quite frankly, I don’t ever want to be a guy who accuses a pro fighter of faking an injury. But since Dana White did it for me, I guess I can move forward with the ridicule.

Here’s the short version. Nobre was getting his ass handed to him by some ground and pound by Alcantara. While laying face-first on the mat, he reportedly complained about taking some shots to the back of the head—that never happened. Still, for some reason ref Dan Mirgliotta stopped the fight. Nobre, who must have been a soccer player in a past life, pretended to be dazed, injured, and unable to continue.

It was obvious to White (ok, and me too) that Nobre was angling for a DQ win. In more lunacy, he was practically carried to the back in a goddamn stretcher to a chorus of boos from the crowd who was onto him charade. Apparently, this wasn’t enough. Nobre had to stick with the story I guess. He spent the night in the hospital and was released—WEARING A NECK BRACE!

And he had an absurd statement too. He told Tatame that all he remembered was taking “several blows to the back of the head” until he blacked out. He also claims he woke up the next day thinking he had lost due to knockout, and hospital staff had to inform him of the no-contest. Did I mention he was wearing a neck brace???

Well, White was none too pleased with this guy’s act. Replays clearly showed little or no contact with the illegal “Mohawk” portion of the head, so obviously this dude was faking it. Dana said the other day that Nobre’s “fantastic” acting skills would probably get him released from the promotion. Thank you Dana. Your validation allowed me to go ahead and rip a pro fighter for pretending to be hurt—something I was never able to do before (for fear of one of them kicking my ass).

Ironic side note—early in that fight, did you see the “low” blow Alcantara got from Nobre? Here’s what I saw in slow motion—a kick to the hip area (it might have gotten Alcantara in the nuts, but it appeared to graze off pretty easily and not be a direct hit). Alcantara reacted by extending his arms as if to say, “WTF?” He looked and saw Mirgliotta coming over, so he dropped his head and held his nutsack. Then he walked away. Then he buckled from the “pain.” Then he buckled again. Then when he decided the “pain” was too much to bear, he sat down on the mat and tried to recover.

C’mon fellas.


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