Ridiculous Comment of the Week — Ed Soares says Cung Le could be Silva’s next challenge

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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Cung_LeIs Ed Soares becoming the UFC’s version of Rock Newman? Is his job to protect Anderson Silva? That’s what it looks like—and he will say just about anything to do it. This time, he’s suggesting the most ridiculous fight I’ve heard in a long long time. Get this…Soares said one possible contender could be Cung Le!

I’ll wait a moment so you can clean up the Mountain Dew you just spit all over your computer monitor.

Okay, you’re back. Yes, Soares thinks Le is some kind of contender I guess. For the record, let me tell you a little about Le. He’s 40 years old. He’s an undersized middleweight. He’s nowhere near Anderson Silva in term of…anything. His biggest wins came against Frank Shamrock—who was old as hell at that time; and Rich Franklin—who was old as hell at that time.

I’ll catch a lot of heat for something I’m about to say, but I’ll say them anyway. 1) Anderson Silva is the best fighter in the world. 2) Anderson Silva is openly looking for wins, not fights. Stephen Bonnar was a plant. Bonnar—like Griffin—was not ever a threat to Silva. They couldn’t use their size to knock out Silva, and everyone knew that. That made them easy targets for humiliation. Sure, Silva “saved” the event by fighting a LHW. But I guarantee he wouldn’t have accepted that fight against Shogun or Jones or Teixeira or anyone who had even a remote chance of hurting him.

Chris Weidman is sitting around rehabbing an injury. Everyone is shouting his name as a possible contender. Silva and Soares say he doesn’t have enough name recognition though. But is that why they’re avoiding him like the plague? Actually I think they are side stepping him because they don’t want to risk losing to him. Le is no threat. Weidman, who arguably could play the same game as Sonnen played in his first fight with Anderson, is a threat. He’s still a heavy underdog against Silva, but he has something that could at the very least cause a problem for Silva.

And that’s apparently not what Silva is looking for at this point in his career.

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