Cyborg replies to Dana White…tells Rousey “Step up BITCH”

Posted: January 30, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, Rumors

Cris-CyborgYou knew it was coming. Cris Cyborg just tweeted a response to Dana White’s suggestion that she is afraid to fight Ronda Rousey. I figured that statement would irritate Cyborg, and I was right. She called the champ a bitch too! This thing is about to get heated. Here’s what Cyborg had to say…

I am not afraid of Rhonda! I will fight her anywhere and anytime for free – everyone knows I barely make 145- but I am willing to sacrifice and meet her half way at 140- I can’t believe dana says I want nothing to do with Rhonda- what he wants me to do is fight Rhonda with both my hands tied behind my back or comatosed-so that she can have a chance-which is what making me fight at 135 is- to finally shut everyone up – i will fight Rhonda with one hand tied behind my Back at 140lb and still kick her ass and prove that I’m the real champ not her- and let the winner take ALL come on rhonda step up bitch!


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