Evans on Anderson: “I know I would beat him”

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

EvansVIGI know this is kind of old news in the MMA world, which basically means yesterday, but it’s worth a 2nd look. In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champ Rashad Evans spoke about his upcoming fight with Lil’ Nog, and touched on a much-rumored fight between him and Middleweight Champ Anderson Silva.

On how Rashad thinks he’d fair against “The Spider”

“I’m not a good matchup for him. I’m sure he’s not chomping at the bit to fight me. He doesn’t really have anything to gain from fighting me, so I don’t know if he would even want to fight me. I don’t know why he would go out of his way to fight somebody like me. If the UFC is not going to make him fight me, then I don’t see why he would fight me.

I kind of agree that Rashad isn’t the best match-up for Anderson, but I’d still consider Silva to be the odds-on favorite. As for Rashad saying that Anderson has nothing to gain, I couldn’t disagree more. In spite of Anderson’s manager saying donkey kong sh*t, make no mistake, Anderson Silva still wants big fights, if only for the fact that he gets paid partially from PPV revenues. And I’ll bet you that an Anderson Silva vs. Rashad Evans PPV would do some mighty fine business.

Alas, all news is not bad news, because as Rashad will tell you, he’s actually quite the fan of Anderson’s:

“Besides that, I love Anderson. He’s a great guy outside of the cage, and he’s one of my favorite fighters to watch inside the cage. To me, to fight him would be a little bittersweet because I know I would beat him. I know I would beat him.”

Now again, Rashad’s a tough fight for anyone, and I know every wrestler and wrestler’s brother is now calling out Anderson Silva, but let’s take a reality check here. There’s a reason why Silva has gone undefeated since 2006. There’s a reason why he holds the records for longest title defenses and longest winning streak in the UFC. And let’s not forget, he’s also fought and beaten wrestlers before (e.g. Dan Henderson, Chael Sonnen 2x).

Now don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see Rashad take a crack at Anderson, and I think he’d have a shot at beating him. I’m just saying, be careful what you wish for.


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