Hall of Famer Matt Hughes wishes he got the chance to fight Anderson Silva at 185

Posted: February 1, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

hughesWith all the recent talk about super fights and inter-divisional matchups, this story is certainly relevant. Recently retired Matt Hughes says he would have loved to fight Anderson Silva in a champion vs. champion fight.

In a recent interview Hughes expressed interest in fighting Silva when both legends were champions in their respective weight classes. “I always wanted to go up to 185 to put the belts together,” he told MMA Junkie.

To Hughes’ credit, he didn’t mention anything about having Silva move to 170 to fight him. He seemed to hint that he would have moved to 185 to unify the belts. Of course, that’s all moot at this point. Hughes is officially retired and the UFC hall of Famer member has no intention of coming back. Plus Hughes is several years removed from his dominant run as one fo the most dominant champions ever.

Retrospectively, it’s always interesting to think about fights that never happened. Could Hughes have muscled The Spider around with his superior wrestling? Or would Silva have done what he does best—humiliate his opponents with his matrix-inspired striking? Perhaps if Hughes was a little bigger, he could have used his skill set to manhandle Silva; but honestly, how can you pick against Silva in t his one?


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