Part 3 — How UFC 156 effected the the Lightweight Title picture

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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Ben-HendersonUFC 156: Bizarro World is in the books and I’m still trying to wrap my hands around it. The biggest take away from this event is that the title pictures in several weight classes got all screwed up—or clarified, if you’re a glass-half-full kinda person. This is the third of a group of articles I’ll be posting on winners and losers in the title picture based on happenings at UFC 156.


What Happened: As was true with the Middleweights, UFC 156 had a major impact on the LW title picture without really considering the in-cage results of the event. With apologies to Isaac Vallie-Flagg, Evan Dunham and Bobby Green, their fights didn’t really resonate with champ Ben Henderson. But a simple text message from the guy who’s seemingly been “next in line” since Roller Blades were cool, changed everything.

Biggest Winners:
Ben Henderson. The one guy keeping Henderson from being universally recognized as the best 155er in the world is Pettis. Showtime has been hounding Bendo for that title shot he’s been promised for two years. And now that it’s ready to happen…Pettis lobs a challenge to Aldo. Although it will NEVER be made public, that news has to make Henderson giddy with joy. He already got rid of Edgar, formerly believed to be the top LW in the world; and now Pettis? I guess that means Henderson can just rack up wins against all the former champs like Gilbert Melendez and (maybe) Eddie Alvarez for the rest of the year.

Gray Maynard: While Maynard’s been rehabbing a knee injury, the division has lost Edgar and now perhaps Pettis. So who gets to elevate into the top 3 or so? Yep, The Bully. He never would have received another shot at Edgar, so now he sits potentially just one win away from another title fight at 155. Sometimes good timing is more important than anything.

Biggest Losers:
Donald Cerrone: With the news that Pettis is interested in Aldo, Cowboy must be asking himself a questions—“why the fuck didn’t Pettis go to 145 BEFORE he eliminated me from contention?” I think Cowboy gets a decent rebound fight next, but it’s possible he could get another beast thrown his way. I wouldn’t want to be the guy coming off a loss and then finding out Gray Maynard is next for me.


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