Part 4 — How Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva messed up the Heavyweight Title Picture

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, UFC Events
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UFC 156: Bizarro World is in the books and I’m still trying to wrap my hands around it. The biggest take away from this event is that the title pictures in several weight classes got all screwed up—or clarified, if you’re a glass-half-full kinda person. This is the fourth of a group of articles I’ll be posting on winners and losers in the title picture based on happenings at UFC 156.


What Happened: Well, lemme tell you what happened. Alistair Overeem strolled into the cage looking like a cooler version (with way more swagger) of Melvin Guillard before the Joe Lauzon fight. Ironically, the same result occurred. Bigfoot Silva crushed The Reem’s face—and his chances of a title shot with Cain Velasquez—with a few well placed “Hulk Hands.” Already with his fair share of detractors (due to his PED-induced layoff), Overeem became the poster boy for the Cheaters Never Win crusade.

Biggest Winners:
Antonio Silva. This is obvious. Although Overeem kept Bigfoot’s onslaught at bay for two full rounds, he certainly sent a major message in the third. That message might have been, “my fist is the size of a Prius so beware!” In a thinning heavyweight division, Bigfoot put himself right at the top. Had he not already lost to Velasquez, he might in fact have a title shot locked up. Considering he lost badly to Cain recently, I think he’s only behind Fabricio Werdum in the pecking order. And with Werdum fighting Big Nog in June, anything can happen…as we just learned.
Fabricio Werdum. He’s got his own destiny in his hands now. He won’t have to wait for Velasquez vs. Overeem. All he has to do is beat Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. Not a gimme, but at least he knows what has to happen. Watching Overeem blow his opportunity will likely have a positive effect on Werdum, who won’t want to blow his chance at a title.

Karma. Where do I start? Overeem was coming off a suspension for failing his drug test. He brushed off the results and said he wouldn’t be bothered by the negative publicity. He showed up looking noticeably softer than normal. He had an arrogant swagger about him during every pre-fight appearance and interview. Let’s just say it—he didn’t show respect to Bigfoot. And for that, he woke up in a heap with a charging beast screaming in his face. How can you say he didn’t deserve what he got?

Biggest Losers:
Alistair Overeem. Do I really have to spell this out for you? Instead of rehashing everything I already outlined, let me give you another reason you don’t want to be Overeem right now. If we can put our “Joe Silva Hat” on right now, we know kinda how he thinks. Booking two guys coming off losses is the norm. That means there’s a pretty good chance The Reem might be “rewarded” for his humiliating loss by getting Junior Dos Santos next. I don’t envy ANYONE standing across the cage from JDS. Could Overeem be looking at getting his face bashed in a second time in a row?


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