New UFC Rankings leave door wide open for Critics

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion

pat_barry_0The UFC recently made the announcement that for the first time they would begin incorporating top 10 rankings into their repertoire. I was more than happy to volunteer my services as an official ranker, but it didn’t exactly work out. I tried multiple times to apply using the link they provided—and EVERY time, the link didn’t work. WTF? Are they afraid I’m going to rank Justin Wren in my top 10?

Whatever! I’m over it (not really). So as a result of this slight, I think I’ll make some comments on the rankings I saw. I realize rankings are just opinions, so I won’t get too crazy, but I couldn’t let some of these slide.

Pat Barry #4 HW. Look, Pat Barry is a cool guy. Everyone likes him. But some guy put him at #4 and that’s absurd. In case you didn’t know, Barry isn’t even close to the top 10 right now—or ever. According to one person though, he’s better than Carwin, Struve, Overeem, Big Nog, Mir and Werdum. The same dude also ranked Roy Nelson at #3 so maybe didn’t understand the rules.

Daniel Cormier #10 P4P; not ranked at HW. What does this even mean? The same guy I described above doesn’t have Cormier ranked in the top 10 heavyweights at all. However, he mysteriously appears at #10 in the pound for pound rankings. Is that scenario even possible?

Joe Lauzon #3 LW. I think Manti Teo’s girlfriend is ranked #2. Lauzon has lost 2 of 3 fights and is an even .500 over the last 3 years. To put this ranking in perspective, numbers 6-9 on this guy’s list are Nate Diaz, Gray Maynard, Donald Cerrone and Jim Miller. Huh?

Hector Lombard #1 MW. I understand the middleweight division is all kinds of jacked up. And I won’t penalize Lombard too heavily for his lethargic performance against Tim Boetsch. But is his 1-1 record in the UFC really enough to anoint him the top contender to Anderson Silva’s belt—ahead of Chris Weidman, Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping?

Gilbert Melendez #1 LW. This is mainly just my opinion on this, but several media members ranked Melendez the top contender at lightweight, ahead of Anthony Pettis. I’m confused by that. I’ll lilsten to anyone ranking Gil at #2 on the basis of his Strikeforce belt, but after seeing Showtime last weekend, how can anyone put him anywhere but the top of the list?

Frankie Edgar. This is more of an observation than anything. Edgar is ranked #9 in the overall P4P list–and as high as #6 on a few ballots. I happen to believe Edgar belongs somewhere in that top 10 argument. I’ve said before, he might be the #2 LW and the #2 FW in the world. But I’ll play devil’s advocate for the sake of this article. Since upsetting BJ Penn (twice) he has won just once in 5 fights. This is where statistics and real life ability clash.

For the full list of rankings, you can see individual ballots at


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