TUF STUFF: Stellar Coaching and a Beastly Knockout make ‘Ultimate Fighter 17’ look like great TV

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, The Ultimate Fighter
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UriahHallKickThe hype certainly delivered this time on last night’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter. For what seems like months, we’ve been hearing about a guy who is so destructive in the cage that “everybody” he faces goes to the hospital. Although we don’t know 100% (I suppose there could be another guy sending dudes to the hospital), it sure looks like Uriah Hall is the man. His spinning back kick (is that even what it’s called?) was a thing of beauty.

Another highlight of the show was Coach Chael Sonnen’s one-on-one with Hall. Sonnen talked to Hall about his own confidence issues and that he turned to a sports psychologist for help. Sonnen’s past insecurities he said came from the fact that he would dominate fights, until about the 7 minute mark. That’s when he tended to get caught in some type of choke to lose the fight. That’s some very interesting stuff coming from a guy who oftentimes claims to have never lost.

Jon Jones is just 25 years old. Several of his “students” on the show are older than him. He’s also taken some heat in his career for various missteps. But guess what? This guy is a good coach. Not only does he offer some nice advice to the team (for example, some simple yet effective GnP techniques), but he’s also surprisingly good as a mentor. I’ve seen NONE of the “fake” element of Jones’ personality that many people saw from him earlier in his championship run. Kudos to both coaches.

I was a little turned off (nothing major; I’ll get over it) by a couple things I saw from the fighters. I thought Adam Cella took the whole “I’ve got other things I can do, but I still finish everyone” routine a little too far. I suppose we won’t be hearing that any more though. I thought Hall overreacted to Samman correcting him on the term “chef” instead of “professional cooker.” Sure, no one likes to be corrected, but that’s a far cry from bullying in my opinion.

I also thought it was interesting to hear Kevin Casey openly talk about not wanting to fight Bubba. He made it clear he wanted to avoid Bubba “in the first round.” That’s a strange thing to hear coming from a cast that’s usually full of a bunch of puffy-chested alpha males claiming to want to fight anybody.

Next week, it’s Kevin vs. Collin Hart.

And oh yeah, Hall is a beast. I think he just made 25 grand.


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