Barnett tells UFC “No Deal!” I’m blaming his terrible post-fight speeches

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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barnett_576You just knew this wouldn’t be as easy as it seemed. Not long after everyone expressed optimism about Josh Barnett signing a contract with the UFC, we get a little wrinkle in the deal. That “little” wrinkle is the fact that Barnett turned down the offer.

There aren’t many details as of yet, but Barnett’s manager, Bobby ‘the Brain’ Heenan (not really, just checking to see if you’re paying attention) spoke in vague terms about it. “We agreed on guaranteed compensation,” he told MMA Fighting. “In fact, we never even countered. We accepted their original offer.”

So what’s the problem? “There are some outlying issues — one in particular — that as of this point we were unable to agree on.” He declined to elaborate at this time.

My guess is that the UFC wrote a stipulation into the contract that wouldn’t allow Barnett to give any more ridiculous post-fight speeches about war and battle and dying and killing and pillaging. I’d be all for that, but I doubt Barnett would agree.

So for now it looks like “The Warmaster” won’t be moving to the UFC. According to his manager, he’s talking to other promotions in search of the best deal.


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