Bigfoot wants to Fight Cain Velasquez Again? Damn!

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Latest news
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cainbigfootOh boy, this might end badly…again. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva says he’d like to fight Cain Velasquez again. After the big upset Bigfoot pulled off against Alistair Overeem Saturday night, he’s put himself into a position to make this request. But damn. My stomach can’t take another blood bath like the first fight between Silva and Velasquez.

We wouldn’t even be talking about a rematch if it wasn’t for Silva’s knockout of Overeem, which must be atop the list of early candidates for Upset of the Year and Comeback of the Year. Not only did the win give Silva a win over a top tier opponent, but it also thrust him into the spotlight as a new fan favorite for beating the “villain” Overeem. Striking while the iron is hot is crucial in this sport, and right now, Silva’s never been hotter—not even after beating Fedor.

You’ll remember, Silva’s first fight with Velasquez–last May–saw Cain rip through Bigfoot like a hot knife through butter. Although it only lasted about 3 minutes, Silva lost about 10 gallons of blood and looked like something out of a monster movie. Would a rematch be any different? Well, I guess it couldn’t be worse. Can it?


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