Will Anderson Silva be named ESPN’s Greatest Athlete of All-Time? No…but at least he’s not Mark Allen (who?)

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Fantasy UFC
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GOATbracketWho’s ready for another meaningless fictional tournament bracket? Obviously we love spending time thinking about fantasy tournaments that will never happen around here, so count us in! ESPN and Sport Science have teamed up to put on a 16-man tourney to determine the Greatest Athlete of All Time. Man that sounds ominous. But one of our own is entered into the bracket—Anderson Silva. Surely he would do well in any kind of tournament right? Eh, I doubt it.

According to the “rules” of the tournament, the winner of each matchup will be determined by “a series of metrics including speed, strength, durability, reaction time and much more.” Basically, no one knows what any of that means; but to me it means The Spider will lose in the first round.

Silva is paired against the GOAT in swimming, Michael Phelps. The guy who won 50 gold medals in the Olympics, while being stoned out of his mind, will no doubt squash Anderson like a bug in this popularity contest.

Other contestants in this competition include Dale Earnhardt Sr., Roger Federer, and a ridiculous 1st round matchup of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. I’m not sure why, but there’s a skateboarder (Tony Hawk obviously) involved, as well as a couple baseball players that no one really considers the GOAT in their sport—Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson. No Babe Ruth…WTF? And look, Jackie Robinson was a great player for many different reasons, but I don’t know ANY baseball experts who rank him in the top 10 or 20 in MLB history.

For MMA fans, this matchup really blows. Why didn’t Silva get a gimme first round matchup? Jesus, Muhammad Ali gets to square off against a dude literally no one has ever heard of—Mark Allen. I guess he’s some kind of triathlete, but really, does anyone care? He might as well be in a real boxing match with Ali. If it’s any consolation, Silva would destroy the entire field if this was fight—even Ali. Of course he’s 71 years old, but still.


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