Couture sheds more light on UFC split; says Matt Hughes hiring was a ‘Fuck You’ from DW

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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swiftIn case you didn’t hear, Randy Couture and Dana White don’t like each other anymore. Dana had his “Captain America” tattoo removed; and Randy returned all Dana’s stuffed animals and toiletries he left scattered in his apartment. It has been rumored that both parties have been listening to A LOT of Taylor Swift songs lately.

And just like T-Swizzle, Couture decided to go public with details of the breakup. He says he worked very hard to get the UFC to find him a significant role within the company. His 4-times per year FOX commentary gig was “not a terribly significant role,” in his view. Interestingly, he also says he was upfront with the Bellator/SpikeTV offer that was on the table. Couture said the UFC didn’t have anything for him.

On top of not being able to find Couture a role, the Natural was greatly offended that they acted so quickly to hire Matt Hughes at a Vice President. “Frankly that was a big ‘fuck you’ to me from Dana,” he told Sirius XM Fight Club.

Dana White has a lot of positive qualities and his fans admire many of those qualities. One thing I’ll say though is that he’s very passionate. If it’s true that Couture was open about his offer from Spike and Bellator, that makes a big difference in the story. Again, if everything Couture said is accurate, how could Couture be the one to blame here? I’m sure we’ll hear another response from White. But until then, this doesn’t seem at all like a dick move on Couture’s part, as Dana wanted us to believe.

Either way, these two are never, ever, ever getting back together.


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