Arianny is up for Auction … kind of

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news

Arianny_slideThis could either be the chance of a lifetime for some lucky guy out there…or it could be the worst money you’ve ever spent. Right now, UFC ring girl Arianny Celeste is up for auction! That’s right fellas. Go ahead and get your best Ed Hardy or TapouT shirt cleaned and pressed because this thing is going to happen.

I saw this listed on one website as a “date” with Arianny. That description is enough to get the blood flowing isn’t it? Or maybe it’s a sign that Arianny’s days of being legit are over. After all, isn’t Lindsey Lohan working as a paid escort right now?

Actually, upon further review, this is no date at all. Let me give you the details of this auction “item.” It says you can bid on the chance to “spend some time” with Arianny. Wait, that doesn’t sound that good. But you also get to meet Brittney, take a photo and attend UFC 157. Alright, that’s not too bad, but it’s certainly not a date.

Inside, the fine print made this even more discouraging. The line “Meet and greet will be brief” was used. So let me get this straight…it went from a damn date to a “brief” meet and greet? Usually that only happens AFTER they’ve seen me. I also see that there’s a stipulation that says I have to act conduct myself “appropriately” and to be “polite.”

Look, if I’m on a date with Arianny, you better believe I’m going to be acting like an idiot. I predict a lot of “hey, look at me!” remarks pointed at literally EVERY person within 200 yards of us. I’m not sure if I’ll biog on this now. The good news, it is for charity.


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