In case you missed it; Dana White said Anderson Silva can drop to 170 for GSP

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news, UFC Events

silvaGSPThere’s been lots of news lately about jumping from weight class to weight class. We’ve also been hearing plenty of talk about NOT being able to jump to another weight class. So here’s something I still have a hard time believing—Anderson Silva at 170 pounds.

Last week Dana White said that Anderson could do it. Of course the only reason to do it would be to get that superfight with Georges St-Pierre we’ve all dreamed about. But we all assumed GSP would be moving up to 185 to do it. Not so, according to what White told reporters.

We’ve seen Silva at light heavyweight a few times in his UFC career, but welterweight is a different story. I think the last time he fought below 185 was against Yushin Okami in 2006. And way before that, he fought at what Shooto called middleweight—but that was 168 pounds. Oh, by the way, that was in 2001.

I’m a little skeptical that Silva can get to 170 right now. I’d be surprised to say the least. I’ve always thought GSP was too small to compete with Silva at 185, but this changes everything and sheds new hhope on one fo the most highly anticipated superfights in UFC history.

Thanks to MMA Mania for catching this.


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