Ben Henderson asks for GSP Super Fight … Request DENIED!

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Commentary/Opinion, Latest news
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Ben-HendersonThe Superfight Bandwagon is getting completely full. Anderson Silva wants to fight GSP; fans want Silva to fight Jones; Jones thinking about moving up to heavyweight; Edgar fighting Aldo; Pettis fighting Aldo; Aldo fighting Henderson; the list goes on and on. Then this week, we heard about yet another attempted superfight—Ben Henderson wants to fight St-Pierre.

Henderson, the lightweight champ, told MMA Fighting, “I see all this talk about super fights and other fighters getting to dictate what weight classes they want to move up and down to in order to get title shots. I’m the UFC’s lightweight champion and I feel I should be allowed to make such statements myself.”

He went on to express his interest in fighting the welterweight champ. I suppose he’s right. Everyone else is doing it, why should he miss the chance to fight the biggest draw in the sport and get a huge piece of that delicious pie?

Unfortunately for Henderson, shortly after making this statement, Dana White shot it down on UFC Tonight. And he didn’t leave much room for negotiation either. “That’s not going to happen. He just won that title not too long ago. There are plenty of guys in the 155 division to defend that title against, and a possible fight with Aldo if he moves up to 155.”

Not that White needs to back up his mandates with logic, but if I understand correctly, it’s fine for the #1 lightweight contender to move down to fight the featherweight champion; and it’s also fine for the featherweight champion to move up to fight the lightweight champion. But it’s NOT acceptable for the lightweight champ to move up and fight the welterweight champ. I think I’m starting to understand the inner workings of Dana White’s brain now.

  1. prettyboygonzo says:

    Prolly spooked

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